Contributing to commons around mapping and urban foraging

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I created the page http://ediblecities.net as a clearinghouse for urban foraging. I promote the idea that urban foraging is a great activity that brings inner peace and transformation, strengthen community, and can contribute to make the city a commons thriving with edibles. I maintain the website, pay for its hosting, further develop it, communicate around it, etc.

I created and maintain the map of the Standing Rock Sourdough nannies' network. After receiving sourdough that was started in the camp of native Americans when they were opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline project, I decided to start a map to show the spread of the sourdough and its spirit of fighting to defend nature and the rights of indigenous people to their land. I strongly believe that our civilization transformation will succeed if it learn from the way indigenous cosmologies think our place in the universe.

I blog about transitions to sustainability, sharing results of experiments I design, events I organize, research I conduct: http://transitionlab.de

I volunteer some time to translate documents of http://opensourceseeds.org/, a great initiative to use the open source approach as a response to the delirious intellectual property system that is applied to seeds around the world.

I have been contributing to http://transformap.co in the past 3 years with animating the forum, researching about maps of alternative economies. My involvement is a bit dormant at the moment.

I write on non-profit blog platforms such as here: https://www.shareable.net/blog/sharing-cities-using-urban-data-to-reclaim-public-space-as-a-commons

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