Nicolas F.

I write free and open software.

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The main projects I contribute to are Minecraft Overviewer, one of the most popular Minecraft map renderers, and NyaaV2, the code base powering an Alexa top 500 website. Furthermore, I have various small code contributions to other projects.

I also currently pay for the main server running the Overviewer website and build system, which sets me back €27.73 a month.

The running costs aren't really hurting me much though. I currently have no work income, but due to my personal financial situation I can afford spending a few bucks on hobbies such as this.

My reason for accepting donations is so that I can justify expenses to pursue my hobbies slightly better. Please see it as a tip, not as a lifeline. overviewer.org's server will continue being paid for no matter whether I get $0, this is just for my personal funny money.

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