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Four years ago I developed a tool called Code Embed, which allows educators to embed code snippets into their Canvas (or other LMS) course and take advantage of nice features like syntax highlighting, validation, and theming. I created the tool in my free time out of an interest to learn about LTI and Canvas development. I never thought it would take off like it did! I have received handfuls of emails from instructors all over the country who are using it.

Unfortunately, about a year ago, the tool stopped working due to my free hosting plan getting filled up with data (a good problem to have) in addition to some changes/maintenance needed in the codebase. The tool has always been open sourced on Github, but nobody has expressed interested in helping out with maintenance/ongoing development.

I am looking for donations to enable me to spend more time on maintenance and developing new features, in addition to upgrading to a paid hosting plan. Any size contribution is much appreciated! There are a lot of cool features we could add, such as automated testing, grading, etc, but it all takes time to develop and your donation will help make it possible. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions/comments! Thanks!

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