Adam aka Kinetix aka Dad

I provide public services and would love some help funding them.

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I have been donating time and resources to provide services like iSurf Social for some time now, and more recently My Crowd Social and My Crowd Video. In fact, iSurf Social has been online since May, 2018, My Crowd Social was new as of 2020, and My Crowd Video came to life (in limited form) in January, 2021, after previously being in a fairly long testing phase as iSurf Video. You can see more about me at my iSurf Social profile

Server resources (storage, network, cpu cycles) aren't free, but they're not crazy-expensive either. If you would like to help fund the services, I can continue to operate and plan on growing them.

I plan on donating 5 percent of all donations back to Liberapay, in order for them to also be able to grow and provide fantastic service. I also plan on donating at least 5 percent of all donations toward the Friendica developers, who definitely need rewards for the work they do on a project that does not have any funding.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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