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Decisive World - from now on it will be referred to with DW, is a game concept that revolves around a never-ending journey. The game is heavily dependent on having a large community of fairly active players and also around players that take initiative. The game itself does not offer any action as long as the players do not take initiative. ​ ​You may ask, what the goal of the game is; Why should a player take part in certain events and what for actions should they take to achieve and win the game?

The game is all about surviving. The goal as a player is to defend your property and life, due to other players competing for power and survival you - as a player, should adapt. If you do not, you will fall behind and be an easy prey…

Even though the game is dependant on players improving their survival capabilities and competing with others. It is not comparable to any other survival game as DW creates space for civilizations to exist and arise. With extensive lore to back the origins of the world as we know it, players can compete with one another whilst also being in a rapidly evolving civilization. Civilizations and communities work together and compete with one another in a never-ending race to ultimate power and global reign. Not knowing that the biggest threats are not the ones they are facing but the ones that come after…

Players can grow their capital by trading, stealing and working. Each of these actions must include another creature or player. This causes a real dynamic closed system, by you growing your capital someone else loses some. Teamwork is key to success, without others to back you up when in need you simply will die and be lost…

But what if someone does die? What happens then? And who or what determines what character someone is going to play?

If a player dies he simply will be sent to a holy city. Here, in the holy city, the player can purchase somewhat unique items with Faith. Faith is a currency which can be earned by doing religion-related actions or rituals when alive. After the player is done, he can choose to come back to life as the ‘son’ of his previous character. Depending on the way he died, he can keep a certain amount of items, although most of it will still be lost and can be found at his corps. When a new player joins the journey of The Atyr, he gets to customize a character. Everyone starts on a different point with a different capital and character. Yet the differences are barely noticeable on the long term. . We once again welcome you to our vast world! With best regards,


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