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aoe2.nl is an international Age of Empires 2 fansite. We are looking for donations to cover the costs and to invest paid hours of development into the site.

Age of Empires 2 treasure trove

aoe2.nl provides the biggest international archive of all information related to the Age of Empires 2 game. Our currated database gives us the flexibility to built tools to support the gamers, like the build order tool and the fight simulator. To explore the community of the 21-year-old game we've created streaming and social media selections. And we keep you up-to-date on the news, tournaments and developments on our blog and social media.


We've built the site with Site.js and Hugo on a virtual server hosted at PCextreme. aoe2.nl will never place ads or use trackers. For video and social media we use federated solutions like Pixelfed and Matrix. Any excess income will be invested in the open source tools and service we use.

Goal 0: €1,38/week - Hosting and domain

This is the minimal goal we need to hit keep the fansite online.

  • Server €5/month (+€1,15/week)
  • Domain €12/year (+€0,23/week)

Goal 1: €5,07/week - Video and stream hosting

Let's upgrade our video service with our own catalog.

Goal 2: €7,37/week - Chat hosting

Text, video and audio chat all on our own Element app and Matrix server.

  • All the above and:
  • Server upgrade €10/month (+€2,30/week)

Goal 3: €67,37/week - Two paid hours each week

It would be great if we can feed our children and pay some taxes. This goal gives two hours of paid work each week to the aoe2.nl team.

  • All the above and:
  • Two paid hours of work for €30/hour (€60/week)

Goal 4: €247,37/week Dedicated day each week

One work day of work each week dedicated to the fansite.

  • All the above and:
  • Eight hours for €30/hour (€240/week)

End Goal: €707,37/week - Full time each week

One can dream. This goal would gives us enough room to have one person working on the site fulltime.

  • All the above and:
  • Full time worker (€700/week)


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