avoidthehack! promotes online data privacy and security awareness.

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avoidthehack! promotes end-user online data privacy and security awareness. Visit at https://avoidthehack.com

avoidthehack! is an ad-free, privacy promoting resource. ATH does not participate in any affiliate programs.

Donations help cover the bills necessary for avoidthehack to run; things such as webhosting, servers, domains, and other services avoidthehack requires to run. Donations also help pay for the time required to create quality content on the site.

When it comes to online personal information, we believe that everyone has the right to:

Know what data is being collected and/or shared about them or their devices


Protect their information from being accessed and used by anyone else without their knowledge/consent (to include private and public persons/enterprises alike).

avoidthehack! aims to enable the everyday user to make informed decisions about their own data and as a result, have a direct impact on their online privacy via: * Publishing helpful, easy-to-follow guides

  • Publishing reviews that are not influenced by pay/other incentives

  • Highlighting key practices that help preserve one's privacy

  • Publishing informative, accurate, and relevant articles that pertain to online privacy

  • Perform outreach to spread the word about the importance of online privacy!

Your donations might also buy the admin a coffee or a soda. :)

Further ID Verification: https://keybase.io/avoidthehack

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