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Over the course of the past few months, I've done occasional Rust live-coding sessions where I (we) have built tsunami, a library for running short jobs and experiments on EC2. So far there are two 5 hours sessions (part 1, part 2) covering everything from basic library design and development to using various interesting and useful Rust crates. I've found this incredibly fun, and I'm amazed at the number of people who have found them useful! The fact that so many of you have reached out to say that you've learned something makes me want to keep doing this for a long time. I made this page so that people who are interested can watch the progression of these videos, and other projects I happen upon along the way, and contribute to me making more videos if you're able! You can also see my Patreon page for announcements.

As for the bit about me: I'm a grad student at MIT who enjoys designing and building interesting software, especially if that software is then useful to others! Apart from the live-coding videos, I write and maintain several open-source projects, including Rust implementations of HdrHistogram, Faktory, and the IMAP protocol. I'm also doing research on building a fast new database engine.

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trawler 45 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

Workload generator that emulates the traffic pattern of

tsunami 96 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

Rust crate for running one-off cloud jobs

msql-srv 23 Päivitetty 2 viikkoa sitten

Bindings for writing a server that can act as MySQL/MariaDB

fantoccini 405 Päivitetty 3 viikkoa sitten

A high-level API for programmatically interacting with web pages through WebDriver.

faktory-rs 61 Päivitetty 3 kuukautta sitten

Rust bindings for Faktory clients and workers

icebreaker 13 Päivitetty 8 kuukautta sitten

Web app that allows students to ask real-time, anonymous questions during class

vast-vmap 53 Päivitetty 4 vuotta sitten

JavaScript library for IAB VAST + VMAP



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