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I make free drawings, comics, music and games

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Hi, I’m Tanya and I make stuff for people to enjoy and build upon for free without any persecution!

I believe that art shouldn’t be kept behind the paywall and the process of creating art shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery.

I have a lot of my drawings on my website and I post new art as soon as it’s done on Mastodon with reposts to Twitter. I love drawing weird colorful stuff and using pixel brush. Currently pushing forward my knowledge of anatomy and perspective.

A picture depicting an anthropomorphic goat, cat skeleton and a tiny goblin drinking tea. There is an electric clock on a kitchen counter which shows the time to be 11:34. It's turned upside down

I also make an on-going comic about a hackberry leaf that went on a hike. It is a story about peer pressure, authority, depression and determination.

Here are the games I made to learn Unity and Godot (the later is the engine I still work with). Sensei Lego Breaker is kind of an inside joke for those who followed the Unity course on Udemy, but I hope everyone can enjoy it nonetheless. If you want to check it out there are only 4 levels, please play it though! A Bird’s Adventure is a Godot remake of a game I made following a tutorial on LOVE engine. It gets hard pretty quickly so that you won’t spend a lot of time playing it like some sort of Flappy Bird haha.

A screenshot from Sensei Lego Breaker

Last but not least, here is some of the music made by my teenage self (other projects are too lo-fi to list them anywhere). The genre is shoegazy industial techno garage rock. I didn’t know much about music production back then and had weird tastes in super distorted vocals, but you can get the general idea. Hope to make it less techno and more IDM in the future! Recommended tracks: treasure, autumn’s embrace, friends are gone, today’s bad day, no determination.

My plans for the nearest future are to finish Hackberry Hike, release an LP and make a heart-wrenching game. All of it will be available for free as well as Krita files, stems and source code.

Your support keeps me going forward, thank you a lot for caring! <3

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