Göran Weinholt

Scheme programmer & Debian developer

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I try, in my own way, to improve the situation for the Scheme programming language. Akku.scm is a package manager for Scheme that I created to make life more fun for schemers. It is licensed under the GPLv3 and thus freely available to the whole Scheme community.

I also make some contributions to Debian and hope to make more. I have a webpage at weinholt.se where I blog on technical matters that interest me.

With Liberapay, I want to find a stress-free way to have more time for my Scheme and Debian activities.

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spdx 1 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

SPDX license expressions in R6RS Scheme

uuid 4 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

UUID generation and analysis in R6RS Scheme

semver 1 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

Semantic Versioning for R6RS Scheme

scheme-docker 3 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

Dockerfiles for various Scheme implementations

akku 48 Päivitetty 3 viikkoa sitten

Language package manager for Scheme. (Bug reports to: https://gitlab.com/akkuscm/akku)

industria 44 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

Cryptographic libraries for R6RS Scheme

laesare 3 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

R6RS/R7RS reader in R6RS Scheme

machine-code 20 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

conscheme 35 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

Scheme implementation in the Go language

compression 3 Päivitetty 5 kuukautta sitten

Compression algorithms in R6RS Scheme

struct-pack 4 Päivitetty 5 kuukautta sitten

R6RS library for working with packed byte structures

hashing 2 Päivitetty 6 kuukautta sitten

Hashing algorithms in R6RS Scheme

zabavno 25 Päivitetty 6 kuukautta sitten

An x86 emulator in Scheme

ip-address 2 Päivitetty 1 vuosi sitten

IP address parsing and formatting in R6RS Scheme

fs-fatfs 0 Päivitetty 1 vuosi sitten

FAT filesystem library in R6RS Scheme

r6lint 5 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

R6RS Scheme syntax and style checker



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