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Avispa Midia is a multidisciplinary collective that brings together journalists, communicators, documentary filmmakers, photographers, designers, researchers, programmers and translators in a joint effort of strengthening ethical journalism. We have a responsibility and a commitment to both the voices that are the protagonists of the stories and the audience to whom we address.

Located in southern Mexico and focusing on Abya Yala, Avispa Midia is a project focused on investigative reporting and journalism. We use of multimedia tools such as audiovisual, photography, cartography and animation to document and analyze the political, economic, social and environmental world that surrounds us.

Since 2013, our media network carries out different projects to put our communication tools as part of the processes of resistance and struggle in the defense of land and territory as well as in the construction of the autonomy of the peoples.

Our priority research areas highlight the context of climate crisis affecting the planet and its causes and consequences. This is especially prevalent in indigenous and rural territories, where the peoples of those lands defend the commons that have been preserved for generations.

Avispa Midia also documents large-scale projects that are presented as solutions to global warming, such as mega-projects referred to as green mining and sustainable extractivism, as well as renewable energy plans through hydroelectric dams, solar and wind farms, industrial agriculture, sustainable cities and conservation initiatives that continue to wreak havoc on these communities.

Among the different activities we carry out are: writing articles for the avispa.org website, research and production of multimedia reports, recording and editing of audiovisual content, screening and distribution of documentaries, as well as workshops on popular education for community communication.

Since the beginning of our project, Avispa Midia has been sustained by the volunteer work of its members. However, in the current context of the pandemic we face a major challenge to continue our work, while remaining independent of governmental or corporate interests.

By supporting our collective you will help us to maintain our journalistic and popular communication projects. The funds raised we will be able to pay for the necessary infrastructure for our website, the equipment for our reporting activities and their maintenance. In addition, we will be able to cover the costs of the investigative reporting we do in the different scenarios that we follow, as well as the materials and tools for our communication workshops.


In Mexico, the work entailed in communication is not only precarious, but is also a high-risk activity due to impunity in cases of aggression against journalists and popular communicators. They are the people that carry out the task of keeping us up to date on the situations faced by communities marginalized from the mainstream media's agenda.

Our work is carried out independently from governmental or business interests and we try to weave a network of solidarity and collaboration with other spaces and projects for the exchange of perspectives and analysis of the contexts and events that occur in the various latitudes of our continent.

Visit our website: avispa.org

Have a look to our audio-visual materials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJfbma5Cz9wg1G1gQy0-CGA/videos

Visit our social media: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AvispaMidia Twitter https://twitter.com/avispa_midia Instagram https://www.instagram.com/avispamidia/ Mastodon https://mastodon.social/@AvispaMidia

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