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Tätä sivustoa hallinnoi Liberapay, voittoa tavoittelematon yhdistys, joka on laillisesti perustettu Ranskassa vuonna 2015 (tunnus: W144000981).

Liberapay on Euroopan Unionissa rekisteröity e-rahan jakelija. Kumppaniemme avulla valvomme rahansiirtoja mahdollisten petosten, rahanpesun tai terrorismin rahoittamisen varalta, kuten rahanhoitosäädökset edellyttävät.

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Association Liberapay
Chez M. Coste
Le Bourg
St Jean Le Blanc
14770 Terres de Druance

Web-sivustomme sijaitsee AWS (Ireland):n palvelimilla:

Amazon Web Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd
Burlington Plaza, Burlington Road
Dublin 4

Julkaisun hallinnoija on Liberapay-palvelun laillinen edustaja, tällä hetkellä Charly Coste.


This contract is between Liberapay, a non-profit organization founded in 2015 based on French law, hereinafter referred to as “the organization”, and the person who signs up for its eponymous service, hereinafter referred to as “the user”.

1. Nature of the service

The service is designed to facilitate anonymous, recurrent, monetary donations between its users.

The service normally allows the user to increase the visibility of its profile in various way, but the organization reserves the right to disable the user's access to those features.

The user agrees not to use the service for financial transactions that are not donations, notably those linked to the execution of a contract or a promise of recompense.

2. Pricing

The service is free. The user is invited to participate in its funding, through the service itself, by donating to the natural and legal persons that maintain it.

3. Management of the funds

The organization guarantees that the funds the user has put in its custody will not be lost in case of bankruptcy of itself or of a third party to whom it has delegated the custody of the funds.

The organization pledges to correct any mistake on its part in the execution of the donations.

The organization does not guarantee that the user will be able to withdraw the money in its account without delay. In particular, the organization may impose a delay to deter and protect itself from fraud.

4. Honesty

The user commits to use the service in good faith, in particular the user commits not to lie about their identity and not to fill their profile in a deceptive way for the purpose of attracting more donations.

5. Reimbursements

The user commits to reimburse a donation received if it is revealed that its origin is fraudulent.

Neither the user nor the organization commit to the reimbursement of a donation following a request with no solid legal or contractual basis.

6. Intellectual property

When the user transmits to the service a copyrighted content, it authorizes the organization to store, copy, translate, and publish it. By doing so the user declares that they hold the rights necessary to grant this licence.

7. Termination of service

The user can quit the service by closing their account. Doing so does not negate the responsibility of the user for the period during which they used the service.

The organization may close the user's account if it considers that they have violated this contract, or a contract with a partner of the organization, or any applicable law.

8. Disclaimers

The only commitments made by the organization in this contract are those that are explicitly listed in it. The organization does not implicitly commit to anything, in particular it does not guarantee that the service will be operational at all times without interruptions.

The organization cannot be held responsible for the consequences of negligence by the user, notably of failure by the user to secure their password.

The organization does not assume any of the user's responsibilities. Notably, the user is responsible for the declaration of any income received through the service to the competent authorities and to pay any applicable taxes.

The organization is not responsible in case of dispute between a donor and a donee when it only acted as an intermediary between them.

9. Modifications

The organization may modify this contract at any time. It undertakes to inform the user of any changes. By continuing to use the service, the user tacitly accepts the new conditions. If the user refuses the new conditions, then they must close their account.

10. Jurisdiction

This contract is subject to French law. Any dispute shall be submitted to the competent French jurisdiction.

This document is a translation provided for your convenience, the actual binding contract is the original version written in French.

If a part of this contract is nullified, that judgment does not nullify the rest of the agreement.

11. Cookies

The user acknowledges that cookies are necessary for the service to function and agrees to their use.

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