The competent cyber warriors of the world

True ability, not words or claims is what distinguishes a competent cyber warrior

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Cybersecurity is a massive field covering a wide range of skills. Some examples are;

Network security including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, network design, network segmentation, monitoring, logging, auditing, encryption in transit, and patching.

Workstation security including patches and updates, malware protection, user privilege management, auditing, and configurations.

Systems administration including user account management, privilege hierarchies, access control, authentication, password management, user defenses, cybersecurity training, technology audits, account auditing, privileged account monitoring, and secure configuration.

Vulnerability assessment including, penetration testing, technology audits, network surveys, wireless surveys, and Internet of Things IoT audits.

Secure programming including secure design, protecting user input, memory protection, compiler optimization, and anti-injection methodologies.

Data protection including encryption at rest, password hashing, secure containers, and data loss prevention DLP.

Privacy identity banks, user account monitoring, breach detection/tracking, login failure audits, and breach notification requirements.

Compliance including privacy, financial disclosure requirements, breach notification requirements, laws, regulatory bodies, and international laws.


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