Everyone deserves to survive.

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This project is defunct. Any funds on hand will be distributed as usual to people asking for survival assistance, but I (garbados) haven't been able to regularly maintain the project and cannot commit to doing so at this time.

Help your friends on Mastodon get to tomorrow.

The Mastodon Community Survival Fund is a material assistance program run by volunteers. 100% of funds are disbursed to folks in need, to help secure essentials like food, medicine, and shelter.

This is the team page for the Mastodon Community Survival Fund. It includes the MCSF Liberapay account and the accounts of all the volunteers. As of right now, the money sent to this account goes directly to the survival fund, and from there to folks in need.

If you see someone asking for material assistance, send them our relief request form! We will reach out to them as soon as we can: https://goo.gl/forms/rVsNEvvmw2G2O9Hg1

You can also follow us on Mastodon: https://social.wxcafe.net/@mcsf


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