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My mission is to deliver ancient words of peace, tranquility and spiritual evolution for all

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My name is Gabe Hiemstra and I am the author of wisdomlib.org. This website reflects my passion to inform others of ancient words of wisdom, knowledge and truth. These words present a strong foundation for envisioning a future where progress and spiritual evolution walk together towards a society which is able to live in harmony with nature and other sentient beings.

It is not my wish to convince or force anyone of anything, but merely to provide a view into existing traditions spanning thousands of years. These traditions uphold the ability to re-balance the mind, body and soul at any point in any given situation, guiding one towards their own natural path, while at the same time reflect the same tranquility back into life and everyone around you.

My mission is thus stated as above. My vision can be summarized as follows: Wisdom Library consists of thousands of books and articles, combined with an extensive database hosting over 900,000 glossary definitions. I focus on uploading Dharma-related content, as found in traditions such as Hinduism (eg., Brahmanism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, etc.), Buddhism, Jainism and Sikkhism.

It is my dream to one day dedicate myself entirely to the cause of Wisdom Library. At the moment though, only my spare time is used for uploading new material and developing handy research. Maintaining and evolving this site requires some form of income which is what I wish to accomplish with this site here.

Thanks for reading!

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