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The Universal Language

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Yantra is designed to be universally-friendly to all by avoiding all reserved words in favor of symbolic representation. Yantra also utilizes powerful, integrated tooling to facilitate cross-language development.


Yantra is designed around the belief that all current programming languages are ethnocentric towards the English language. It is our belief that we can eliminate this bias via a well-crafted programming language, a powerful, versatile, and builtin language server and a large selection of editor support.


English-language programming languages that are considered innovative typically reduce syntax and look closer to written English text. Many consider this a boon as languages move closer and closer to being outright pseudocode. However, we feel that this trend is not beneficial to programming as a discipline and in fact hurts even English-language programmers as languages abstract away more and more of the craft of programming.

Yantra doesn't go back to C-style pointers and memory management but it does take a different tack on programming. Perhaps similar to dataflow-oriented programming, Yantra provides syntax and semantics that visualize the movement of data through your programs.


Many will argue that Yantra obfuscates code in Perl-like ways. It is true that Yantra is inspired by Perl but with Yantra we feel we have stricken a balance where symbolic representation feels natural.


Yantra is still in the design phase. @MadcapJake has begun writing numerous articles on Yantra and its designs/principles. Yantra's lexer and parser are apart of the same commandline tool (yep) and it is nearing alpha status. Once yep is at least working, efforts will begin on the llvm backend called yall which will form the two basic tools needed to program in Yantra. Then efforts will begin on a language server and editor support and tooling.


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