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Support my work as a Tcl/Tk maintainer and developer

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Please support my work as a Tcl/Tk maintainer and developer.

I am a member of the Tcl Core Team, which is made up of the primary maintainers of the Tcl/Tk programming language and GUI toolkit. My specialty is Tk on macOS. I have been one of the core maintainers of Tk on that platform since 2011, and have developed Tcl/Tk applications on the Mac and also Windows since 2004.

My work on Tk, especially on macOS, has a large impact; programming languages including Tcl, Ruby, Perl, and especially Python have Tk bindings, and the user base of Tk applications written in these languages numbers in the hundreds of thousands. IDLE, the Tk-based IDE that ships with the main Python distribution, itself is one of the most widely used Tk applications in the world, and I contribute to IDLE development by making sure it works well with Tk. The Mac's constant API churn (new OS updates every year, with significant changes in each release) make Tk's maintenance a never-ending process on macOS to keep up with the platform's changes.

In addition to Tk itself, I also develop Tk-based free/open-source applications based on Tk to run on Mac and Windows. My major applications include PortAuthority, the only GUI for the MacPorts software project on macOS. I also develop several other applications for Mac and Windows, including TextSweep (text search and replace tool), and FileMorph (file modification tool). For more of my applications, please visit my products page.

Your ongoing support will help facilitate my work as a Tcl/Tk core maintaine and developer of free/open-source Tk applications. The funds will be used to offset costs associated with web hosting and SSL certificates, book purchases, and ultimately my time, to allow me to work on these important projects while still maintaining my income. The ultimate beneficiary will be the hundreds of thousands of users of Tk applications on the Mac, and also on Windows.

Thank you for your support!


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