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Mandatory half-assed list of stuff that I do:

  • run mastodon.ml, a Russian Mastodon server;
  • administrate the @<rf@mastodonsocial.ru> group;
  • maintain russian Fediverse community relay pool: relay1.mastodonsocial.ru, relay2.mastodonsocial.ru, relay3.mastodonsocial.ru (on hold for now, looking forward to resurrecting them with better software a bit later)
  • popularize the Fediverse and other free and open-source communication tools and facilities;
  • running free software propaganda in general;
  • making podcasts about the open tech and the history of the Fediverse;
  • sometimes I stream games;
  • plz give me moneyz

Future projects:

  • A secret Fediverse service, you'll know it when you see it.

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