My job is making hardware just work

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I'm a senior developer for Red Hat, maintaining desktop technologies like fwupd, colord, PackageKit, upower, gnome-software and gnome-color-manager. I'm also the person behind the ColorHug project building OpenHardware from my home in London in my spare time. Thanks for your support!

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fwupd 641 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

A simple daemon to allow session software to update firmware

PackageKit 88 Päivitetty tällä viikolla

A D-BUS abstraction layer that allows the user to manage packages in a secure way using a cross-distro, cross-architecture API.

appstream-glib 31 Päivitetty 1 viikko sitten

This library provides objects and helper methods to help reading and writing AppStream metadata.

colord 27 Päivitetty 1 kuukausi sitten

Making color management just work

libgusb 9 Päivitetty 2 kuukautta sitten

GUsb is a GObject wrapper for libusb1

mclazy 0 Päivitetty 7 kuukautta sitten

A simple script to update GNOME packages in Fedora

python-appstream 3 Päivitetty 1 vuosi sitten

A pure-python library for managing AppStream data

python-cabarchive 5 Päivitetty 1 vuosi sitten

A pure-python library for creating and extracting cab files

PowerSBU 0 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Visualize solar, battery and utility power data

shared-color-targets 19 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten

Color targets from vendors for color calibration

colord-gtk 3 Päivitetty 3 vuotta sitten

Additional GTK support code for colord


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