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I am a professional software translator. I love localizing software into Brazilian Portuguese. I have helped companies of all sizes and it's awesome to know that my contributions serve millions of people everyday! I have helped Google, vBulletin, Vanilla forums, various Android and iOS apps, Jotform, BigoLive and many more! I love free software and currently help on several projects at Github. I also currently help Discourse with translations as well and lovely Liberapay.

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odoo (haara) 0 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Odoo. Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business.

sharetribe (haara) 0 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

Open source marketplace platform

cidadedemocratica (haara) 1 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

O cidade democrática é um software de inovação aberta para questões e políticas públicas nas cidades. Existe desde 2008, é escrito em Ruby on Rails e foi refatorado uma vez em 2013/2014

freeCodeCamp (haara) 0 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

The open source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code and help nonprofits.

discourse (haara) 0 Päivitetty 2 vuotta sitten

A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.



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